What is Raw Seva?

Flower Of Life Hello there, Welcome to the beginning of:

Raw Seva – Offering raw yummies, one experiment at a time.

Our goal is to offer selfless service (seva) to those seeking healthier food options by sharing our experiments in (raw) food – for better AND for worse. We hope to make raw food less fussy and more fun. Lately we have seen an abundance of books, videos, blogs and television segments that make a raw food lifestyle seem much harder than it actually is. There are food processors, dehydrators, spiralizers, and an assortment of other gadgets that are intimidating, and can easily make it seem like eating raw food is a lot of hard work.

Psssst…..it’s not…. You just eat it. As is! You can jazz it up with different textures if you want to. But you don’t have to. It’s your call. We do, however, suggest washing and/or peeling first. But again, it’s your call 🙂

Raw food is simply that which has not been processed or heated. It is food that is consumed in its most natural state. It is fresh, whole, unrefined, living, plant-based foods, like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. That’s it.

RAW food is not a complicated concept.

And neither is SEVA. 

Seva is a means to promote humility and demote egoism. It means doing something for others, with zero expectation of personal gain, physically or mentally. Seva is done for the betterment of a community – not just to make one’s own self feel better. So we are starting this little community with all of you, and we want everyone to participate in the process. We intend to share our recipes as we create them, and show you how they turn out. We want to integrate more raw food options into everyone’s daily diets. We believe that success is achieved through perseverance and repetition. Too often people omit the stumbles when describing their path to success. This is misleading and discouraging. We want to succeed through real sharing. Please share your hits, misses, and utter disasters with us at : rawseva@gmail.com. We will post them here along with our own creations, and together we can all benefit from integrating more raw seva into our lives. – The Raw Seva Team

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